The Development Process

The MRT was spawned from Johns constant effort to recover from injury and to still compete at the top of his game (as we've mentioned on the about us page

The idea came when I (Hi! I'm Kevin) watched my brother (the aforementioned John) attempting to use a foam roller to release knots in the muscle along the outside of his leg, which I later found out, are called IT bands. It didn't look easy, and to be honest it looked like a workout in itself.

After many trials and design variations we eventually settled on the final design of what was to become know as MRT (Or as it has been called by some "Mr. T" - followed closely by "I pity the tool")

The Muscle Recovery Tool is made from a high grade PE (Polyethylene). This make is light weight, durable and hygienic. The working edges of every tool are finished using our unique heat treating method (developed through a process of trial and error) that provides the perfect finish and gives full control to reach all those awkward spots.

Our design has been fine tuned over the past 18 months, with the help of friends, coaches and athletes, most of whom also happen to fall into the friends category.

As we get older the body takes longer to recover, and we don't just bounce back like we used to. Hence we need to spend more time struggling with foam rollers, tennis balls and whatever else we can find, in order to be ready for the next session.

Recovering between sessions becomes harder and harder - and over the past number of decades, sport/training has been taken to a whole new physical level, even at amateur levels, due to our ever growing competitiveness - the desire to run for longer, finish faster, jump higher.

When all is said and done, MRT is the result of our desire to solve a modern problem, in a unique manner, and in a way that fits into our busy modern lifestyle.

So what are you waiting for? 

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