Q - How much is shipping/postage?
A - Shipping/Postage is free to anywhere in the world.

Q - Is there differences between the five colours?

A - The only different is the colour - the finish, shape and dimensions do not change. (Take me back to the MRT shop)

Q - Can I use the MRT before training/exercise, to warm up?
A - Absolutely, and not only can it be used, we recommend that you do use it before training/exercise. Careful warm-up is one of the greatest ways to prevent injury and to help the recovery process. (How to Use your MRT)

Q - Do you accept returns?
A - Yes - we do accept returns, but the product does need to have its original tags intact and be in resalable condition - See our returns policy for full details - Returns Policy

Q - What are the two holes for?
A - Simple answer - they are used during part of our manufacturing process, and are required for part of the shaping technique that we have developed. If you find another use for them, we would love to hear it! 

Q - Do you ship to all of Europe/World?
A - We ship to anywhere in the World, The farthest we have shipped yet, is Melbourne, Australia - are you farther away that this? We'll get it to you! What's more, shipping is free, anywhere in the world!

Q - What material is it made from?
A - Our Muscle Recovery Tool is made from a High grade, food safe plastic known as PE (Polyethylene) - We use this material for a variety of reasons. The two main reasons are: 1: Its strength and tensile properties, 2: Its natural hygienic properties