Using your MRT

General Use:

The MRT is an extremely effective tool when it is used correctly.
The MRT is designed to be used in direct contact with the skin, but can also be used outside clothing.

5 Points to remember when using your MRT:

1. When using the MRT it is very important to remember that you are kneading the muscle in the same way a physio does.

2. Use the MRT at a pressure and angle that are comfortable to you - It is very important not to rush and cause harm by applying too much pressure.

3. As a general rule, for larger muscle groups you should move the MRT in one direction at any time - this is to encourage blood flow, which in turn will stimulate the recovery of muscle. The MRT is design in a way which allows you to find the perfect edge for specific areas.

4. Always remember that everyone has different pain thresholds, and you need to find yours and handle the MRT in such a way as not to cross this threshold.

5. If you feel the need, use some muscle oils or other lubricant (Coconut oil is a popular choice) to ensure a smooth glide along the muscle - This is also where the hygienic design of the MRT comes into play, it can be washed with warm soapy water after use.

 Using your MRT - Video:

(Videos by Sarah Kim Watchorn - )

This is a short video, showing a quick selection of ways in which the MRT can be used. More specific videos will be added below shortly.

There are many more ways to get to those muscles which give you the most trouble, but the principle of how it is used does not change. If you have any questions on a particular area you want to target, please contact us and we will respond as soon as we can.


IT Bands

IT Band - Muscle Recovery Tool - How To

This is without doubt the most common injury, known as runners leg, in which the ITB creates friction in the knee.  Massaging your ITB using the MRT relieves tension in the tendon. This is almost impossible to massage correctly with a foam roller


Hamstring - Muscle Recovery Tool - How To

Calf Muscle Recovery Tool - How To 



 Shin Muscle Recovery Tool - How To

A unique fork design allows you gently massage the shin bone like never before. Great for relief from early season injuries such as shin-splints

Lats - Muscle Recovery Tool - How to 



Quads - Muscle Recovery Tool - How To

The MRT really comes into its own on these larger muscle groups. Gets a deep tissue massage with ease rather than trying to do a balancing act facedown on a roller. Mostly using spine and main arch

Upper Arm
 Upper Arm - Muscle Recovery Tool -How To

Lower Arm
Lower Arm - Muscle Recovery Tool - How To 


Back - Muscle Recovery Tool - How To 

 Shoulder - Muscle Recovery Tool - How To

Muscle Recovery Tool - Glutes

An awkward muscle to self-massage even with a foam roller, The MRT gets a deep tissue massage using slow methodical strokes . Mostly using spine and main arch

Foot arch

MRT is used to treat soreness and fallen arches using the fork, spoon and main arch of the tool