The Muscle Recovery Tool - Black

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Muscle Recovery Tool - Black

The muscle recovery tool is handmade in Ireland from a high grade PE (Polyethylene). This makes is light weight, durable and hygienic. The working edges of every tool are finished using our unique heat treating process that provides the perfect feel, giving you full control.

Here are some other unique facts about the MRT:

- Every edge is a useable edge
- Comfortable to hold and use
- Durable High grade PE (Polyethylene)
- Edges heat treated with our specially developed heat treating process
- Available in 5 colours - (Black, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow)
- Lightweight and practical - fits in every gear bag
- Washable - All it needs is a quick rinse in warm water
- Handmade in Ireland

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Colours may vary slightly in shade from images - Images for illustration purposes only.

Do Not clean with boiling water - (Product may distort with extreme heat)
Do not burn or melt
MRT is recyclable should you ever decide to dispose of it (Although we recommend donating it to a young athlete if you no longer need your MRT)